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Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans from W. J. Farrier & Son

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Golden Charter is the UK’s leading Funeral Plan provider and is owned by an organisation of Independent Funeral Directors across the country, including W. J. Farrier & Son Ltd. Purchasing a Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is a cost-effective way of establishing your exact needs and taking care of the financial requirements before the time comes. For more information or to purchase a funeral plan please click here.

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Planning in Advance

Organising a funeral plan gives both you and your family the peace of mind knowing that everything is in place, which can reduce the emotional difficulties at the time of death. Hundreds of people across Dover and Folkestone have entrusted W. J. Farrier & Son with their Pre-Paid Funeral Plans. This has lead the Farrier family to receive awards for their excellent work with Golden Charter in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2018.

Funeral Plans from this Funeral Director

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The Independent Simple Way

From £3,495
  • This plan covers the essentials, and there is no viewing and limited personalised options.
  • There is no cars and the hearse will go straight to the crematorium.
  • Service within Office Hours only.
  • Will included.

The Independent Traditional Way

From £3,850
  • A more comprehensive plan, and personalised options available.
  • Full viewing facilities and Out of Hours service available.
  • Hearse plus one limouisine available from the family home.
  • Will included.

The Independent Exclusive Way

From £4,099
  • The most comprehensive plan, full personalised options available.
  • Hearse plus two limousines from the family home, and a listing of floral tributes.
  • Out of Hours service and full viewing facilities.
  • Will included.

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