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Funeral Costs

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Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral comprises of a fully comprehensive list of options for you to choose from dependent on your requirements.  Your funeral arranger will guide you through the different options so you can make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

Our Professional Service Charge = £1,795.00

Our professional service charge includes the following:

  • Bringing the deceased into our care during normal working hours from our local area
  • Attending to the necessary funeral arrangements including statutory form completion
  • Deceased preparation (including embalming treatment if applicable)
  • Deceased viewing in our chapels of rest
  • Hearse, funeral director and necessary staff on the day of the funeral
  • Donation administration
  • Free online obituary
  • Provision of all other options as required (additional fees will apply)

Additional: (If applicable)

Deceased Collection: (Outside normal working hours from our local area)     = £220.00

Deceased Collection: (From non-local area)                                                     = £POE

Second Sevice Location: (Exclung Churchyards & Hawkinge Chapel)           = £175.00

Weekend Service Surcharge:                                                                             = £400.00

Take Home/Into Church: (For overnight rest during normal working hours)   = £175.00

Take Home/Into Church: (For overnight rest outside normal working hours)  = £350.00


X1                                                                                                                      = £250.00

X2                                                                                                                      = £500.00

X3                                                                                                                      = £750.00

X4                                                                                                                      = £1,000.00

X5 or more                                                                                                         = £POE


Traditional Oak:                                                                                                 = £275.00

Stained Oak Veneer:                                                                                           = £395.00

Rookwood Elm Panelled with Raised Lid:                                                        = £525.00

Obeche Mahogany Panelled with Raised Lid:                                                   = £650.00

Brinkley Oak Panelled with Raised Lid:                                                            = £750.00

Special Order Coffins:                                                                                        = £POE

Bamboo/Willow/Eco Friendly Coffins:                                                     from = £550.00

Cardboard Coffins:                                                                                    from = £POE

Disbursements (Fees paid out by us on your behalf)

Barham Crematorium:                                                                               from = £729.00

Hawkinge Crematorium:                                                                           from = £750.00

Charing Crematorium:                                                                               from = £729.00

Church Fees:                                                                                                       = £POE

Cemetery/Churchyard Fees:                                                                               = £POE

Church of England Minister: (Cremation Service)                                             = from £226.00

Catholic Minister: (Cremation Service)                                                              = from £226.00

Celebrant: (Cremation Service)                                                                           = £220.00

Newspaper Obituary:                                                                                           = £POE

Orders of Service:                                                                                                = £POE

Floral Tribute:                                                                                                      = £POE

Direct Cremation (unattended)

An unattended direct cremation enables a practical alternative to a traditional funeral at a much lower cost.  It does not include any form of ceremonial service and mourners are not permitted to attend.  For more information and costings please contact us.

Direct Cremation (attended)

An attended direct cremation does not include any form of ceremonial service, however mourners are permitted to attend the crematorium chapel for private reflection, accompanied by music.  For more information and costings please contact us.

Simple Service

A simple service enables an early morning funeral to take place at the crematorium or graveside at a reduced cost, however there are limited options available.  For more information and costings please contact us. 

For more information about our services and costs please contact us:

  • Dover – 01304 201665
  • Folkestone – 01303 245500
  • Hythe – 01303 470346

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